Conditions of Membership / Participation
To ensure that all club events and bushwalking are a safe and enjoyable experience please abide by the following conditions of membership when participating in Club activities:-

  • Each parent or guardian is responsible for his own safety and for the safety of the children under their care, and participates in activities of the Club at their own risk. Club insurance covers adults members of the club only.
  • It is the responsibility of each parent or guardian to ensure that they have adequate water, clothing, rain and sun protection, footwear, first-aid kit and food for themselves and their children on each activity.
  • Non-members may attend any day-activity upon the payment of the prescribed fee. This fee can then be used to offset against the membership fee for the same year the event was held.
  • Only paid up members are permitted on overnight activities and member only events.
  • Each adult may bring a maximum of three children on a Club activity unless prior arrangement is made with the organiser of the activity.
  • The Western Australian Family Bushwalking Club Inc and its members accept no liability for any injury, loss, or damage arising from any cause whatever as a result of participation in Club activities.
  • Sorry, no pets allowed on Club activities.
  • War toys are not welcome on Club activities.
  • Please encourage your children to respect the bush and wildlife, and remember: ‘Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs.’
  • All members are able to, and are encouraged to, organise their own club events.
  • All members are eligible to nominate themselves for the committee.
  • The following policy applies to sharing photographs, especially on web-sites. 
    • That by joining the club you accept that photographs and videos may be taken of your family.
    • That these photographs and videos maybe posted on the clubs private photo-sharing site and/or the club’s newsletter, albeit there would also be the right to request that particular photographs / videos be removed.
    • That persons are discouraged from posting photographs or videos of members and their children on other social networking / photo-sharing sites without the consent of the persons or their guardians.
    • That persons in the photographs / videos must not be identified in any description attached to photographs / videos that are posted on the photo / video-sharing site.

WAFBC Family Membership (New Format)


1 Year
30-05-2024 – 29-05-2025


1st Adult: $50.00
2nd Adult: $0.00
1st Child: $0.00
2nd Child: $0.00